At L.T.C  we operate various learning programs for our students. We believe in high quality education and accountability. The students we work with deserve the best education we can offer, and we use quality curriculum and give opportunities for input with professionals all over the world. We believe in equality through education, and aim to keep developing and growing our education facilities, so our students have a fair opportunity of advancing and competing with the rest of the world.


English is an important skill for the Myanmar people as it provides greater opportunity for work within the community, further study to university and scholarships to other universities. English is a subject that is taken seriously and is valued greatly by the Myanmar people.

We run a comprehensive english training program based on quality curriculum. We offer not only conversational english, but also reading and writing development. Students can complete a beginner course and then further their education and knowledge through more advanced courses.


Developing computer skills, like english, is integral for greater job opportunities and development. Our computer teacher is fully trained and has been working in Myanmar for many years. He offers high quality computer skills, including navigating and using the internet, typing skills and basic computer knowledge.

School of the Heart

We have visiting lecturers from all over the world coming to speak into the lives of our students. This is a great opportunity to share culture among both our lectures and students. We have had teams and speakers from Queensland, Melbourne, Tasmania, The U.S, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines and Myanmar. Our speakers come from all different churches, schools and walks of life and students get caring input from around the world!

We run a Wednesday night community service at our facility which is attended by many in the community and in which we run a children’s program for disadvantaged children.

Students are kept busy and are trained to become leaders in their own communities, developing both spiritually but also in everyday life skills.

LTC is a discipleship program.

Each student is placed an accountability (LIFE) group for the entire time at LTC under one of the LTC leaders

They are directly accountable to this leader as their LIFE Group Leader. This person is their first point of connection at LTC and their leader for the entire school.

Community Service

Because LTC is a discipleship program the students are expected each week to serve in various ways at the base or in the town of Maesai, or at places designated by the LTC team.

This community Service is an important part of their discipleship and it is a requirement for every student.