History of LTC

Life Training Centre – Thailand had its beginnings around 2007 under the leadership of Cherry Scatchard.

Cherry, who had a background in health education and nursing felt challenged by God to leave her comfortable life in Frankston Australia and repositioned herself in Thailand to help minister to the nationals of that nation.

Initially Cherry placed herself under the covering of Asian Outreach and took up a position in a Bible training school in Northern Thailand. After some time she developed a heart for the many displaced Burmese nationals that seemed to be all around her.

Leaving the comfort of her position at the training college, Cherry moved up to Maesai and started to work with the young Burmese that seemed to be everywhere in that town.

Asian Outreach were in the midst of some changes and stepped away from supporting missionaries on the field and it was decided that Cherry would place herself under Frankston Life Church, her home congregation back in Frankston Australia.

Life Training Centre, was born!

Cherry, who become known as mum Cherry to her beloved Burmese seemed to have an amazing ability to connect and work alongside the struggling Burmese foreigners in her town. The school initially was run from her home and consisted of a few students. They would love to sit as Cherry

Mum Cherry with Sue Whitby and a local Child

taught the bible and shared her many stories with these hungry young students.

Cherry was ultimately able to connect with other missionaries in the nation who came and also shared with her students. The school continued to grow under Cherry’s leadership and each year she was able to train more and more students.

After some 5 years of growth and extraordinary ministry in Northern Thailand Cherry took a well-deserved furlough and returned to Australia.

Mark and Sue Whitby from Frankston Life Church in Frankston took on the role of overseers and appointed several leaders over the intervening years.

Each year the school has quite a list of international guests who come to Thailand, at their own expense, to speak into the lives of the Burmese students that God seems to bring each year. The school is a testimony to Cherry Scatchard’s faith and vision and would not exist without her pioneering spirit.

Today the school is being led by All Rain and Con Nu, a young Burmese couple who have been with us for many years. They are supported by Rob & Christine Lucerne, who are expats from Australia and some other Burmese staff.