All Rain & Con Nu

all rain and fmaily - 2020

Introducing All Rain and Con Nu

Since 2008 All Rain and Con Nu and their young family, (Job & Grace & Glory) have been an active part of Life Training Centre in Mae Sai Thailand. Over their journey they have been held various positions  at LTC starting as Students they have worked as Kitchen Hands, Translator, small Group leaders and assistant Leaders and then last year they stepped into the oversight role of the School completely.

Since taking on the leadership of LTC All Rain and Con Nu have built an effective team to help support them in the work. As they have begun praying, they have  felt a strong call back into their own country of Myanmar. Establishing themselves in Myanmar will allow them to make an even greater impact in the nation as they  teach and model kingdom values and principles to the young people of their nation, to begin the massive task of transforming this needy nation.

They have a vision to care for the needy, to train and equip young people, to plant Churches and establish small businesses which will allow people to become self-sufficient.

What can you do to help them?  

  • Pray –  Specifically as they begin to work of setting up a new in base from which to operate – Pray for Wisdom and Favour.
  • Give – Even a small contribution each month can make a great difference.
  • Go – In time join a small outreach team to practically support the work.

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