Welcome to Life Training Centre- Maesai!

We are a Christian organisation who have been operating in Maesai Thailand since 2007, working with the Myanmar (Burmese) people.

Our aim is to empower people by bringing life skills, education and biblical worldview, so that they can change their nation. We believe in making the bible relevant to our lives and knowing God with our hearts.


Myanmar (formally Burma) was once known for its high quality education standards, unfortunately today the people of Myanmar are far behind in educational equality. Poverty is rampant with very few opportunities for the Myanmar people who are struggling from poor health care, low literacy levels and lack of sustainable options.

Education is internationally seen as a basic human right and we believe that with proper education such as literacy, health care, business skills and agriculture knowledge, the people of Myanmar can be given a chance to change their country.

We also believe that developing a strong Biblical Christian worldview through discipleship training develops students to become ‘nation changers’. We teach subjects such as ‘relationships’ and ‘nature of God’, which help students to apply the Bible to their lives.

LTC aims to give people skills in English, computers, music and health, as well as teaching a Biblical worldview. Our goal is to expand this to cater to the needs of the Myanmar people, bringing them God’s love through opportunity and hope.

Hope anchors the soul- Hebrews 6:19