2020 Update – Launch of Life Mercy


2020 has become an unusual year for many reasons – Pretty much the whole world is affected by the Covid 19 virus. So we will not be running a school this year.

Howe er in the midst of this crisis a whole new ministry has been born at LTC

Life Mercy Maesai was born in the midst of the Covid 19 (coronavirus) outbreak in 2020.

We realised that many Burmese families in our town of Maesai were destitute as the border had closed and most of the construction sites and other work that these illegal immigrants were doing had simply stopped functioning.

As the majority of the families and many singles literally lived week to week they suddenly had no support networks within Thailand. Because they are illegals and they were not allowed to cross back into Myanmar (Burma) they are not really supported within Thailand. Many of the bosses simply refused to support them and even though most of the families are Buddhist they have struggled to get support.

The response from the families that we have been helping has been astonishing! Many of them have said to our team  –  ‘why are you helping us’? The answer is simply that Jesus wants you to know that you are important to Him and He gives this food to you in His love.

Many of the families are truly affected by the mercy that All Rain and his small team are showing toward them and are so thankful for their timely support.

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